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  • Oftentimes we jump into designing without doing the proper research and planning.
  • This workshop encourages you to take a step back and think about the overall focus of your garden first.
  • This workshop is not about creating a final plan, but instead focuses on this information-gathering phase.
  • It's about the art of sculpting your ideas and having a plan before sitting down with pencil to paper.
  • This is a funneling process. There are lots of ideas, this helps narrow them down.

I have to tell you I love this course. It is so much fun and the way you designed it in bite-size pieces is perfect. I've worked in education technology for years and it's fun to actually participate in an online topic that I'm passionate about. Please let me know if you develop any other online courses. I'm a forever fan!

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This self-led workshop is for you if:

  • You love brainstorming ideas for your garden.
  • You want to explore a unique theme garden.
  • You like to have some ideas before jumping into a final design.

What will I do with the completed booklet?

  • Use this booklet to inspire a design you'll be creating yourself or...
  • Share it with a landscape designer so they know your garden's vision before they jump into your design.

I just wanted to let you know I used my almost finished idea booklet while my landscape designer and I walked around our new-to-me garden. She was terribly impressed with your whole concept and was equally impressed with the ideas it generated for our North West garden.  I have read quite a few landscape design books and you are quite right, getting down to the nitty gritty of focusing on a theme is not much addressed. Your well thought-out lessons really make a huge difference and I can now proceed over the next year to refine the design.

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In this workshop you have the opportunity to develop your theme,
PLUS have access to themes others in the workshop are also developing.
It's a sparkling pool of inspiration!
Some themes explored by others in this workshop include:

Afternoon Tea
A Charleston Garden
Moon Garden
Southern Breeze
Tranquil Sanctuary
Organized Chaos
Up North

Lisa Orgler | Garden Designer & Illustrator

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Lisa Orgler is the founder of a spirited place to learn garden design and graphics.

​As a landscape design educator and illustrator, she’s been honored with a sprinkling of awards for her art, design skills and teaching.

And if we're being honest, she's also obsessed with clipped hedges, peanut butter, and sparkly alliums.

When she’s not whipping up garden illustrations you can find her pulling weeds, secretly moving plants around in her yard and clipping zinnias in her cutting garden.

Take a peek at the 11 lessons in this workshop:

Lesson One: Introduction

Lesson Two: Choosing a theme

Lesson Three: Brainstorming

Lesson Four: Research

Lesson Five: Colors

Lesson Six: Structure

Lesson Seven: Hardscapes

Lesson Eight: Furniture

Lesson Nine: Ornamentation

Lesson Ten: Plants

Lesson Eleven: Conclusion

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